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JOANNA BARBERA is a barnburner. Nine of Eleven songs from her self-released debut album, "Carnival Beginning", are licensed for MTV productions. She’s been on nation-wide tours totaling over 200 shows, appeared on FOX News 7, and is tightening her second album. She has accomplished this without a label. Barbera has a reputation steeped in dedication, talent, and motivation. joanna barbera photo She’s a buried treasure, a coveted find for any record label. Any label that is wise enough to "dig" her… As an independent artist, Barbera has tirelessly shared her sounds and stories while building an ever-growing fan base across the US. She has supported "Righteous Babe Records" artist Hammell on Trial and folk legend Melissa Ferrick, shared an SXSW showcase with Sharon Van Etten, and recently opened for the talented Mindy Smith and Monty Montgomerey. She has performed in famed venues including the Living Room (New York City), Antone’s (Austin, TX), the Ninth Ward at Babeville (Buffalo, NY) and the Hotel Café (Los Angeles, CA). Just outside New York City in the Hudson Valley, Barbera’s love affair with music began as a child, parked on a piano bench. Her grandmother tickled out old standards on those keys that were the fire starter for the flames Joanna can’t stop stoking. Now a resident of Austin, TX, the grown Barbera builds her own smoldering music, with a sound that is anything but standard. Barbera’s voice is dark honey, her words sweet bee stings. Something comes out that is close to seduction, or a secret offering – mystical, powerful, and intimately genuine. There are overtones and undertones, and vulnerability. Her sound hints of Cat Power and Regina Spektor, but there is no question her voice, music and impact are uniquely her own. She offers a strange and refreshing blend of refined, high art plus unrefined, low melancholy. The listeners are allowed space to make the meaning their own. Her performances are enthralling, versatile, dynamic like her recordings. Energy and sentiment fuel a stunning solo set, or melt seamlessly into the powerful harmony of a duet or a full band. No matter the equation, there is always a guaranteed emotional ride if you step into the music with her. At the end of any performance, Barbera’s voice lingers long after the singing is done, the listeners want more. Joanna Barbera on what music means to her: "My songs are like my home". This is a statement not to be taken lightly by an artist with her travel history. "Carnival Beginning" is Barbera inviting us into her home. It is a welcome mat.