township records


ego puppets - vinyl ep

Ego Puppets

Vinyl EP

holiday - things can be different


Things Can Be Different

j. wesley haynes trio - kid j

J. Wesley Haynes Trio

Kid J

verses - danny malone, james levy


Danny Malone
James Levy

tom schraeder - once lace now cotton

Tom Schraeder

Once Lace Now Cotton

yearbook - graham wilkinson & the underground township

Graham Wilkinson & The Underground Township


pretty good dance moves e.p.

Pretty Good Dance Moves

PGDM e.p.

promising young talent - james levy

James Levy

Promising Young Talent

cuddlebug - danny malone

Danny Malone


blood red rose - james levy

James Levy

Blood Red Rose

Township @ SXSW 2012

→ March 15th- Township Records showcase. With Grape Juice Records and Stic of the week. Lovely Vintage 2-8:30pm.

→ March 16th- Township Records showcase with Mad Dragon Records and Mad Mad Music "making moves in the backyard". Kenny Dorhams Backyard 2-11:30pm.

→ Holiday plays ATX Music Mag party Mon 12th midnite at Headhunters Tues 10pm Jovitas, Thurs 4:15 Lovely, 6pm Far Out, 8pm Chaindrive, Fri 7:30 or 8:30 at Kenny Dorhams Backyard.

Township News

→ Ego Puppets VINYL EP coming June 2011.

J. Wesley Haynes Trio Kid J *VINYL* (a Radiohead homage) coming May 2011.

Holiday new album Things Can Be Different coming April 2011.

→ Dress - new Township artist, new EP coming Spring 2011.

Tom Schraeder/PGDM Egoiste coming soon.

Pretty Good Dance Moves Limo featuring Sabina Sciubba coming soon.

→ Spring 2011- Verses, a split vinyl with Danny Malone and James Levy.

→ April 2010- Pretty Good Dance Moves vinyl EP.

→ March 2010- James Levy release Promising Young Talent.

→ August 2009- Danny Malone release Cuddlebug.